Tuesday, 6 December 2011

~ Drive Me Crazy ~

After watching 'the twilight saga breaking dawn part 1' movie
this guy make me crazy over him..

there must be a reason why i like him,isn't?

firstly- i like the way he act in this movie
second- i love her voice
third- i like the way he move
fourth- i love everything about him

very caring,daring,romantic vampire 

During Sem Break

.Family trip to Cameron Highlands.

berposing d tilam apartment atas

bergambar reramai d mardi

spupu sepapat

d perkarangan apartment

aku ngan si boboi boy yg tgh masam :)

ni sume yg klihatan family2 aku yg lain

so many kan? hehe..
having fun and this memory will be the most exciting family trip in my life ever.

~Lepakin with Friends~

rr bagan ajam

tepian pantai tmn robina

enjoy together XOXO