Thursday, 28 June 2012

WoaHhH !!

anyo, arigato, selamat sejahtera dan sebagainya lah
 pejam celik dok pejam celik cuti da nak abeh wei..
about one weeks more to go.
alahai,,lemah mak nyah
mula lah mood dah na kacau bilau

before that, lets us scroll down first :)

 all this taken from our holiday to penang..ceh! holiday la sgt.
just jumping2 while release our boredom at maximum level ok~ :)
next :

tadak keja lain dah..ngee

yg ni merewang mana ntah..
however, all the pictures taken are in penang area .. pretty, right?? lol.
we love penang damn much..
muah! :)

hehe..selesai mereben sekejap.
ckp pasal na masuk sem baru 
i just remind to myself 
'everything will be fine as long as I was on the right track'
 so I will work hard to achieve what is desired

same goes to others
If you want to succeed you have to work as soon as possible.
and stand on your feet.

orait..thats all for today..
kalau ada umur yg panjang kita jumpa lagi..